The following is the schedule of events for the evening.  This is a casual event, and we often run late, so times may not be exact.

Begin End Description
5:30pm 7:00pm Mixer and Reception
7:00pm 8:00pm Group 1 Presentations
8:00pm 8:15pm Break
8:15pm 9:15pm Group 2 Presentations
  9:15pm Closing

Mixer and Reception

- Catering from Midtown Brewing Company
- ITEC TechTransport Bus Tour
- Play games created by MSU game students this semester, including one on the HTC Vive (virtual reality system)
- Play video-game emulators

Group 1

- Shannon Fransen & Todd Wilson - TechTransport
- Nick Ruge - Modding Steam Games
- Joe Zimmerman - LED Whiteboard Build Status Indicator
- Allie Irwin - Body Language for Tech
- Jonathan Stars - MoviTrax

Group 2

- Brian Winn, William Jeffery, & MSU Game Students - Greatest City, Project Shutdown, and Bunny Skate
- Linda Lay - UX Design for Social Change
- Jerry Norris - The Fledge
- David Riedle - AV Shoebox
- Chris Fritz - Building a gamified terminal emulator