Start Your Company at The Fledge

Start Your Company at The Fledge

You will like the Fledge if you like innovation, chaos, diversity, rapid growth, constant change, and a lack of rules.

Have you ever wanted to start a company but didn't know where to start? Or felt overwhelmed?

The Grand Ledge Fledge is for you! They are a hyper inclusive ideation and maker place, incubator and accelerator, and are even incubating two other incubators. Over 35 companies work out of The Fledge. 200 members call the Fledge home.

What does that mean? It means they will help you. Don't know how to incorporate? Don't know how to code? Don't have a recording studio? Don't know how to draw? Don't know how to mine bitcoin? They help! Best of all - just about everything they offer is for free.

Free? Yes free. They know what it is like to start from scratch. They know you can help support other companies after you've gotten your company going first. By paying it forward they help build your company so you can help others.

They believe everyone deserves to be able to be happy in what they chose to do for a living. They help people find their skill sets, interests, strengths, relationships and then helping them start a business around those.

Don't believe me? They think there is no one they can't help. Jerry's is someone I lean on for advice so I'm inclined to believe him - but try them. Put them to the test.