Professional Body Language Communication Hacks

Professional Body Language Communication Hacks

Allie Irwin, from Engineered Conversations, will share quick hacks to help you understand what your body language is saying to others and how to make your body support your message.

These hacks will help everyone from sales people to CEO's better get their ideas into the world. The challenge of getting someone to use your awesome product often comes from difficulties communicating the idea and forming relationships.

Allie was an engineer herself and experienced these difficulties first hand.  Now, after learning how body language works, she can read people and understand what they are thinking beyond the words coming out of their mouth.  Allie developed more confidence, a stronger team presence, and stronger leadership skills from understanding body language.  Allie's passion for helping others and her first hand experience drive her to help others realize these same benefits.

Everyone should learn nonverbal communication skills. Studies show nonverbal communication makes up 60-93% of our communications.  Enhance your personal and professional life by learning these basic skills.

Here are some tips on Eye Contact and Getting out of your Comfort Zone.