Audio Project Tracking

Audio Project Tracking

Do you have a shoebox you put everything in? AV Shoebox is the audio version of that with a twist - it has great search! So instead of throwing everything into the abyss (AKA Shoebox) and having to dump everything out to find what you are looking for, AV Shoebox has great search allowing you to quickly find what you are looking for.

AV Shoebox stands for Audio / Visual shoebox. The program allows you to set up categories: names, businesses, and personal. You go to name, business, or personal category, and everything you have is available. You can then take a photo, record an audio file, or record a video for that category. You can also record an audio note with each photo, audio file, or video (hence the name).

The database is instantly searchable and if you use iPhone or iPad connected you can skip typing (old school) and use speech to text instead.

AV Shoebox works great for teachers and new users who want to keep track of information for a project.

For example you could create a David Riedle category and  once you go to the David Riedle category, every photo, video, or audio recording for David Riedle is instantly available, with the most recent file at the top. You do not see anything that is not from David Riedle

This program is only available for an iPhone 6 or newer, or an iPad Mini 2 or newer, or an iPad Air or newer.